Recent and ongoing projects

Over the last decade I have been involved in several research projects in the field of EU law, transnational law and constitutional law. My research has been supported by several domestic and international research institutions.

Post-modern challenges of trans-national law for the EU

Z5-5543 (B) ARRS
This post-doctoral project focused on a theoretical and applicative analysis of the relationship between the European Union and trans-national law in the light of the theory of legal pluralism.

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Reform of democracy and rule of law in Slovenia

J5-7359 (A) ARRS
The general aim of this research project is to examine the state of democracy and rule of law in Slovenia, and attempt to design reform proposals. The research will determine the influence of the Council of Europe through the European Court of Human Rights and the European Union through the Court of Justice of the EU on the conditions for the functioning of democracy and rule of law in Slovenia. The analysis will focus on how effectively democracy and rule of law in Slovenia are guarded by the judicial, the legislative and the executive branch of power. Moreover, the project will examine how effectively the Slovenian law protects human rights and fundamental freedoms. Here, the question will be why flaws in the functioning of democracy and rule of law in Slovenia persist despite the influence of the Council of Europe and the EU. This way, we will attempt to determine the inconsistencies and shortcomings in the Slovenian public sphere and prepare proposals for correcting these flaws. The basic aim of the research is therefore to find ways of reforming the democracy and rule of law in Slovenia.

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The Choice for Europe since Maastricht Member States’ Preferences for Economic and Financial Integration

Horizon 2020: EMU_SCEUS
The project aims at analysing the legal and political consequences of the membership of EU member states in the European monetary union. The final result of the project will be a scientific monograph dealing with all EU member states. Dr Avbelj is preparing the report for Slovenia.

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Ideology in the Courts

Application No 419
The Influence of Judges' Worldview on their Decisions The purpose of the proposed project is to perform the first in-depth research into ideological profiles of members of the judiciary in Slovenia, while adapting the methodology and interpretation to take into consideration the usual criticism against similar research in other countries. The objectives of the research are theoretical, applicative and normative.

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