Short Bio

My name is Matej Avbelj and I am Associate Professor of European Law at the Graduate School of Government and European Studies, Slovenia, where I am heading the School’s Research Group. I also lecture at the European Faculty of Law in Ljubljana, Slovenia. As a public lawyer, I specialize in the fields of EU law, constitutional law and legal theory.

I graduated from Ljubljana Faculty of Law, obtained an LL.M at NYU School of Law and defended my PhD at the European University Institute. I have lectured, inter alia, at the Masaryk University; Washington College of Law;  Sant' Anna School of Advanced Studies; Amsterdam Research Institute (University of Amsterdam); Mississippi College School of Law; Center for European Law and Legal Studies (University of Leeds); Institute of European and Comparative Law (University of Oxford) etc.

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Academic Positions

  • 2010-PresentAssociate Professor of European Law

    Graduate School of Government and European Studies

  • 2014-PresentAssociate Professor of European Law

    European Faculty of Law

  • Humboldt Senior Fellow

    WZB Berlin

Selected Awards

I have received several fellowships, grants and other awards in a recognition of my academic work at home and abroad.

2015Excellence in Science award

In the category social sciences – law

2003Hauser Global Scholarship

For the NYU School of Law, Hauser Global Program

2003Award of the Ljubljana Faculty of Law senate

For exceptional student performance

Selected Publications

These publications reflect my essential academic interests, which range from the constitutional theory of the European integration, the role of the EU in a transnational context to the protection of the rule of law in a domestic setting.

Constitutional Pluralism in the European Union and Beyond

Constitutional pluralism has become immensely popular among scholars who study European integration and issues of global governance. Some of them believe that constitutionalism, traditionally thought to be bound to a nation state, can emerge beyond state borders (co-edited with Jan Komarek).
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Kadi on Trial

A Multifaceted Analysis of the Kadi Trial (co-edited with Giuseppe Martinico, Filippo Fontanelli)
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Nepravna država: Zapisi o zadevi Patria

Gre za zbir 28 izrazito normativnih, tu in tam slogovno zaznamovanih, polemičnih pravnih besedil, s katerimi sem se med letoma 2011 in 2015 kot univerzitetni učitelj prava odzival na (ne)dogajanja v zadevi Patria.
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List of Publications

My scholarly work focuses on EU law, constitutional law, legal theory and transnational law. I have published widely in these fields, including monographs, scientific articles and essays.

Research Projects

Over the last decade I have been involved in several research projects in the field of EU law, transnational law and constitutional law. My research has been supported by several domestic and international research institutions.